All the things you need to know

We are so glad that you are thinking about joining us or you already have and want to know more. We understand that getting in the groove of a new place can be daunting, so here are a few things that will make your time with us flow smoothly. 

  • Where do I Take my Kids?

    We have three distinct areas for kiddos: a nursery area (for babies - 17 months), a preschool area (for kids 18 months - 3 years) and an area we call the Kids Wing for kiddos 4 through 5th grade. Visitors can find help with check-in by visiting the Preschool area where we have a guest check-in computer. 

    If your 3-year-old attends Bible Class (at 9:45) and then Kids Church during 2nd service (at 10:45), you will drop him or her off at the Preschool Area and then pick him or her up after Worship at the Kids Wing entrance.

    See this helpful map.

  • what activities are Available for my kids?

    Click here to get the full run-down of our offerings for Sunday and Wednesday.

  • will my kids be safe?

    Safety and security is a high priority for us at OP church and as such, we only use adults who have passed a background check and teens that have been cleared for volunteering by their parents or guardians.

    At the guest check-in station, we will gather some basic information from you and print 2 distinct badges for your family: a badge for each of your children to wear (with their name, your phone number and any allergies indicated) AND a badge for you to keep and present when you are ready to pick up your child. We will match up the randomly generated family code and release them to you.