Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Our classes are designed to give you the best chance of finding people in a similar life stage and with whom you might easily connect. These are just suggestions; you are, of course, welcome to attend any adult class. Classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.

Young Adults (Graduated 18-year-olds to 29) - Room 213 

30's and 40's - Room 104

50's - Room 210

60's - Room 206

70's and beyond - Room 124

From February 6 through April 10, all classes will begin a study of what it means to live on a mission for Christ and to partner with others to join in the work of Jesus for the good of the world. Teachers will rotate through the classes to discuss different aspects of this topic.

To find out about Sunday morning classes for birth-5th visit OPKids. To learn about Sunday morning options for 6th-12th grade, visit OPYouth.